Popper Fastening Wraps

  • Popper fastening wraps geberally have less adjustment of fit as hook and loop fastening wraps.
  • Looser styling and good elastication at waist to accomodate less adjustment between popper fastenings.
  • May be laid flat for easy changing.
  • More difficult for babies to undo than hook and loop style fastenings, and ideal for older babies.
  • Not as easy for grown ups to fasten as hook and loop type fastenings, but can often be pre-fastened and pulled up.
  • Best suited for nappies that are fastened rather than pad folded, although some styles are designed specifically for use with prefolds and padfolded nappies.

We stock Air Flow (Air Rika), Bummis Super Whisper Snap, Nature Babies Classic & Multiwrap, Prorap Snap, Popolini Vento, Stacinator So Simple Snap.