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Flat Nappies

Terries and Muslins

  • We stock Bamboo and coloured or white Cotton terries.
  • Four types of muslins: unbleached, organic, white and patterned or coloured. Muslins are ideal as a non-bulky nappy for a newborn and later as a general all-purpose cloth.
  • One size terry squares (60cm) fit from birth to potty, we also stock 40, 50cm and larger.
  • Very economical.
  • Large surface area so quick to absorb and quick to dry.
  • Can be bulky.
  • Requires folding.
  • Needs securing with pins/Nappi Nippa/close fitting wrap.
  • No elastic so may leak from nappy onto wrap unless you fold carefully.

Wraps are needed with these nappies. We also stock pins and Nappi Nippa fasteners.


  • Three sizes of prefolds stocked, Small, Regular & Toddler, and two sizes of Organic Cotton prefolds in stock, and muslin perfold nappies for newborn.
  • Two / three sizes needed to fit from birth to potty.
  • Very economical but slightly more expensive than terries.
  • Quick to dry, but not quite as fast as terries.
  • Less bulky around the hips than terries as the fabric is prefolded and stitched into 3 panels, the centre panel which goes between the legs being thicker and thus more absorbent.
  • Easier to fold than terries, as the prefold is essentially pre-folded so the centre is thicker.
  • Secure with a Nappi Nippa or pins for best containment, or a close fitting wrap..

Wraps are needed with these nappies. We also stock pins and Nappi nippas to secure them. We always recommend fastening with Nappi Nippas or pins, and especially for newborns, to assist with poo containment. See our How to Nappy Guide for further information and instructions.

Disana Organic Tie On

Key features of the Disana Tie on

  • Made in Europe of stretchy knitted 100% organic cotton.
  • One size fits from birth to potty.
  • Very economical even with the additional boosters needed for more absorbency.
  • Extremely quick to dry.
  • Less bulky for a newborn, additional absorbency will need to be added as required.
  • Very basic folding over at top to reduce height to fit all sizes.
  • Fastens with attached ties.
  • Better on containment than most flat nappies, as the stretchy fabric clings.
  • Ties sometimes difficult to undo when wet and need tying together to prevent tangling in wash.

Wraps are needed with these nappies.

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