Flat Nappies

Key features of flat nappies:

  • Most economical.
  • Quickest to dry.
  • Require folding to fit, often this is just simple folding (but we do give instructions in our How to Nappy booklet!).
  • Don't always need pinning - there are alternatives!
  • Sometimes a compromise on containment, but correct fitting and fastening can resolve this.
  • Longest lifespan - and, being flat, are often used for other tasks for many years afterwards.

We stock several brands and types of cotton terry squares, including Twinkle Terries and Bright Bots. We also stock bamboo terries. Muslins are available in white or organic cotton as well as coloured and patterned muslins. We also have Prefolds in several sizes in both traditional cotton as well as Bummis Organic prefolds, plus Disana Organic Tie On nappies.

Wraps are needed with these nappies.