'Specialists in nappies, informative and helpful' - The Good Website Guide 2007

This page contains comments taken from just a few customers emails sent (unprompted) after using this site.

Hello! I received my order today and I just wanted to say thanks. Your website is really well laid out and easy to navigate, ordering and paying were done with ease and the delivery time was really quick too. I will be recommending you to anyone who'll listen, and I'm sure I'll be using you again :-

Regards, Catherine.

Hi Miranda

Just to say thank you for such an informative website. I ordered Motherease nappies nearly a year ago and they’re great. Yes they look a bit big on a small baby (6lb 9oz) but they are so adjustable.

Our washing machine broke recently and I had to use disposables (organic biodegradable) and it made me even more conscious of the waste. In the end we used a puncture repair kit from a bike tyre repair kit on the door seal to fix it temporarily until the part arrives I was that desperate to get back to using real nappies!

With this being our first baby we were so confused as to which nappies to buy and your site is so helpful.

Service is excellent friendly and efficient.

Thank you


PS the jersey squares are superb I bought 30 initially and then ordered another 30 when ordering a swim nappy, they just go in the wash with the nappies. I’d recommend anyone using real nappies to order these instead of using wipes. They’re also a good alternative to muslins if you don’t have a particularly sicky baby.

Thank you so much for your fast and reliable service. I really appreciate your dedication for excellent customer service. I have ordered now twice and both times you were quick to contact us and organize the delivery of the nappies as soon as possible.

Our baby girl was born 4.4.2008 and we have been very happy with the Disana organic tie-on nappies, they are very soft and comfortable for her skin and also our two year old enjoys the woollen pants so much that is the fisrt piece of clothing she voluntarily wears at home, when before it has been very hard to get her wear anything indoors. She simply loves the pants and goes up and down wearing them.

So a big thank you to you, and keep up the great work!


Thanks for a great site. The advice was brilliant. Charlotte and I are getting on very well with the Motherease nappies, so far no leaks! I feel very proud when I'm changing her when we're out and about and hope that once other mothers see how well we're getting on they will give them a try.


Tracy Street

I would just like to say that as I am in an unfortunate position in a country where I do not have easy access to a good range of nappies apart from disposables and good old fashioned terries, I found your site to be one of the most informative on the web. I searched for a further two hours after finding your site and could not come up with a better one. The selection of goods offered is excellent and the information offered for each product is also unrivalled. Apart from its content, your site was also very user friendly and easy to navigate. Good design all round!! Thank you. Stephanie

Thank you for the really high level of customer service - it's been a very good experience.

Elizabeth, Swindon

Ta, for the info, and on a Sunday too! Gill, Fife

PS: I think your site is a godsend and I wish I'd known about it a lot sooner!


- Of course you can quote my PS on your website. I now think it's an even greater facility as your response was a) amazingly fast and b) incredibly helpful. Why aren't all web sites this user-friendly?

Many, many thanks.


The order I placed on the 7th has just arrived this morning (9th). You must have caught the tide just right!

Susan, Jersey


I received my order this morning!! Less than 24 hours after I ordered it!

And I was thinking we might have a delay if the PO run out of fuel!! You're a star!


- I've never been quoted before!

Of course you can quote me! Your service beats that of anyone else I've ever bought from!!

Thanks again, I can start my re-introduction of night time cloth now!

(Hubby will be pleased!)




Boosters...received this morning with many thanks. Amazing - arrived in half a day posted 2nd class! that's what I call service!

thanks a lot,

Gail :0)

Thankyou for my fuzzibunz, I'm very excited its all set up and raring to go tonight !! I wasn't expecting it so soon, so it was a great suprise when I got home from work..... how sad am I ?!

Thank you again


Hello Miranda,

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. After being totally

bewildered by the choice of cloth nappies I stumbled on your site. It

explained everything so well (and with such good humour!) that I could

finally make a decision.

I ordered some Motherease nappies and air rikki wraps last week and they

arrived within a couple of days. I love them, and have just ordered ten


The online shop section was very easy to use and seemed very 'secure'.

Thank you again.


Just wanted to say a massive thanks. I ordered some motherease rikki wraps on Sunday night, but I ordered the wrong size, silly me. I sent an e-mail to explain and left a message on your answer machine and hoped that I would receive the right size. They came in the post this morning and the right size too! Now thats what I call good service so thanks! I will definately be using your site again.

Thanks again