Fitted Nappies - Sized

  • Easier to use than flat nappies.
  • Elastication at legs and waist gives best containment. *
  • Sized to give best fit without too much bulk.
  • Padded between the legs for best absorption.
  • Slower to dry than flat nappies.
  • Popper or hook and loop for ease of fastening, or terry fabric fastened with a Nappi Nippa for best containment.
  • More expensive overall than flat nappies or one sized nappies, but cheaper than pockets or all in ones.
  • Needs a wrap over the top of the nappy.

We stock fitted nappies in cotton, organic cotton and terry, as well as bamboo viscose, including Bamboozles by Tots Bots, Diddy Diaper, Disana Organic fitted nappy, Essentials flannelette nappy, Imse Organic Terry Diaper, Itti Bitti Boo, Micro Diddy, Minki Huggle, Nature Babies Loveable, MicroDiddy and Diddy Diaper, Motherease Sandys and Toddlerease, Huggles by Minki.

Wraps are needed with these nappies.