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Why Choose Reusable Nappies?


Parents considering cloth nappies for their baby tend to be concerned about some or all of the following three key factors

Parents also choose cloth for other reasons:

Cloth Isn't Scary Fact: Reusable nappies offer superior containment!

They are made to last, and thus are designed to give a good adjustable fit, with elastic along the waist and wider elastic at the legs to offer superior containment compared to single-use disposable nappies that are made for cheapness. A two-part nappy system of nappy and wrap will give the very best containment of all, as there will be two barriers at both the leg and at the waist. This is ideal for a newborn with more liquid and more frequent poos!

If you are not already fully convinced that reusable cloth nappies are best for your baby, please click on the links above to read my discussions.

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