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All-In-Two Nappies

Motherease Duo

The Motherease Duo system is designed to give the convenience of an All In One - in that the shaped and elasticated absorbent pads snap into the waterproof cover, but with the flexibility to simply change the insert and re-use the waterproof outer thus keeping the costs down.

Tots Bots PeeNut

The PeeNut is a new simple to use All in Two nappy system from Tots Bots, combining their one size soft and stretchy waterproof nappy cover (which can also be used independently as a wrap over nappies such as the Tots Bots Bamboozle) with the super absorbent 3-in-1 bamboo viscose/mircofibre PeeNut pad to give a great All in Two Nappy System, suitable from birth to potty training 7.7-33lb approx (3.5-15kg). (Note: Wraps and pads also available separately, wraps also available in the smaller Size 1 to suit teeny babies).

  • Flexible two part nappy system of wrap + bamboo pads that popper together to make one piece to go on
  • One size fits 7.7 to 33lb approx (3.5-15kg), with smaller size wrap option
  • Choice of plain colours or prints
  • Great absorbency can be used day or night
  • Component parts can be used independently - as a wrap over other nappies, pads can be used as boosters
  • Slim fitting
  • Great absorbency
  • Here's what the testers had to say:

    • It's so much slimmer than any other cloth without foregoing absorbency
    • No fussing or faffing
    • For such a slim fit the absorbency is brilliant
    • Great for heavy wetter
    • If I was just starting out with cloth I'd probably buy my whole stash of these
    • The nappy is fab, love that it would take up far less room in the changing bag
    • I like the flexibility of the product

Imse Vimse One Size Nappy

This Imse Vimse nappy is designed to be trim fitting, quick to dry and is one size to fit from birth to potty. With two removable snap-in inserts, meaning you can re-use the outer cover for a few changes, results in an economical and stylish nappy system. Couple with the gorgeous prints, this is an excellent all-rounder for all ages.

  • One size to fit from 4kg+
  • Adjusts by means of poppers on the front
  • Bamboo/cotton inserts gently elasticated to improve containment, additional inserts available separately
  • Trim fitting, yet easy to add boosters for more absorbency
  • Velcro fastening
  • Two great prints
  • Multi-pack available at a discount
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