Fitted Nappies - OneSize

  • Easier to use than flat nappies.
  • Elastication at legs and waist gives best containment.
  • Sized to give best fit from birth to potty without too much bulk.
  • Padded between the legs for best absorption.
  • Slower to dry than flat nappies.
  • Popper or hook and loop for ease of fastening, or terry fabric fastened with a Nappi Nippa for best containment.
  • One size fits most babies from birth to potty
  • Compromise on fit compared to sized nappies - may be bulky for newborns, and may get outgrown by tall babies.
  • More expensive than flat nappies, but less than sized nappies.
  • Suitable for more than one in nappies at same time, particularly if different ages.

We stock Mother-ease One-Size and MultiFit, Tots Bots, Nature Babies Big Softie and Diddy Diaper, Imse Vimse. It may also be worth considering the medium (57-60cm) terry squares, which may also be used as one-size nappies, using a Nappi Nippa for the most secure fit.

Wraps are needed with these nappies.