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Shaped Nappies - OneSize

Bummis Dimple Diaper

  • Top quality One Size nappy adjusts to fit birth to potty (35lb/16kg+)
  • Excellent absorbency yet very trim fitting
  • Ideal for overnight or prolonged wear
  • Soft organic cotton with 'dimple' texture, remains soft in hard water or line drying
  • Double sided booster, soft polyester for stay dry or 100% organic cotton
  • Wide comfortable elastic at back and legs>/li>
  • Adjustable rise snaps, and cross-over waist tabs for perfect fit over a generous weight range
  • All snap fastenings hidden so do not touch skin
  • Made in Canada from US grown organic cotton

Big Softie

  • One size nappy from Nature Babies
  • Adjustable and trim fitting to be suitable from birth to toddler, with popper height adjustment
  • Fleece lined for softness and as a stay dry liner
  • Elastic at waist and legs for good containment.
  • Choice of popper or nippa fastening
  • Removable absorbent pads for fast drying.times
  • Wash at 60 can tumble dry.
  • White only
  • Made in UK.

Stretch Bamboozles as Birth to Potty Nappy

  • Slim fitting with multidirectional stretch to give a neat fit
  • Less bulky than cotton
  • Extra stretchy giving a better fit over a wider size range than the older style Bamboozle
  • Aplix fastening
  • Good elastication at legs and waist
  • Size 2 can be used as birth to potty by adjusting poppers on the front.
  • Hidden mircofibre core plus pop in bamboo booster to aid drying time
  • Knitted short pile terry that stays softer in hard water
  • Made in Scotland or Turkey
  • A Wrap is needed with this nappy

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Diddy Diaper Size 2

  • 4 layers of unbleached stretch short pile terry between the legs with an inner layer of soft 100% cotton jersey next to the skin
  • Slim fitting, to fit from 13lb or folds to fit birth to potty
  • Will need boosting for older babies and heavier wetters
  • No fastenings, secure with Nappi Nippa or pins.
  • Elastic at waist and legs for good containment.
  • Medium/fast drying.
  • Wash at 60 can tumble dry.
  • Made in UK.

Imse Vimse

  • Choice of soft one size or newborn Organic Terry nappy.
  • Very slim fitting, not bulky on newborn.
  • Quick to dry.
  • Popper fastening
  • Made in Sweden.

MicroDiddy Diaper as a one size nappy

  • Made from white absorbent 100% polyester microterry, with a short loop pile.
  • Inner lining of soft white 100% cotton jersey (Tshirt fabric) , so that a natural fibre is next to baby's skin.
  • Lightweight and slim fitting, yet microterry fabric is more absorbent weight for weight than cotton towelling.
  • Quick drying, can be air dried or tumble dried for fastest results.
  • Without fastenings for use with Nappi Nippa for best containment.
  • Size 2 to fit from birth to Toddler for use from birth by folding down.
  • Made in UK

Motherease One Size

  • Very popular nappy of stretchy terry fabric.
  • Choice of white or unbleached, Bamboo, Organic or StayDry - unbleached with polyester stay dry liner on top.
  • Has wide soft elastication round legs and waist, giving very good containment.
  • Medium drying time.
  • Optional snap in liner for additional absorbency usually required for older babies.
  • Wide between the legs so may look bulky on small babies.
  • Popper fastening across front at waist, wider at back than Popolini nappy (below).
  • May get outgrown by larger/later potty training babies, but is fine for most babies.
  • Made in Canada. Sorry we can only sell Mother-ease products within UK.

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