Wraps for Nappies

  • Wraps / nappy covers for use with all flat and shaped nappies.
  • Protects surrounding environment from nappy dampness and contents.
  • Available as pull on pants, or with hook and loop or popper fastenings.
  • Totally impermeable (PVC or nylon), semi permeable breathable (polyurethane coated) or fully breathable (wool or fleece), white, plain coloured or patterned options available to suit your needs.

Wraps are used to protect your baby's clothing and other surroundings from dampness from your baby's nappy. Modern fabrics are soft yet waterproof and most are breathable too. We also have some very breathable wool and fleece wraps which are ideal for overnight use. Our wraps are available in a choice of economical pull on or fastening with either Aplix/hook and loop fastenings or poppers which enable them to be laid flat for ease of use.

The wrap does not need changing every time, perhaps every 4 or 5 changes and if soiled or very wet, otherwise may be wiped and aired between changes. Suggested quantities are about 4 wraps per size to allow for washing, although you may need more for a smaller baby with more frequent changing.

We stock Motherease Air Flow and Rikki wraps, Imse Visme Organic and Smart wraps, Bummis Super Whisper and Simply Lite wraps, Nature Babies Fleece, Disana Wool wraps - now in assorted colours,Nature Babies Classic & Essential One Size Wraps, Proraps. Assorted traditional Pull On Pants,Tots Wrap by Tots Bots, and Imse wool wraps. We stock just about every imaginable colourway and assorted trendy prints too.

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