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Wraps for Nappies

Aplix, Velcro, and Hook and Loop Fastening Wraps

Please note: Velcro and Aplix are trade marks of specific brands of hook and loop fastenings, we also include all Hook and Loop type fastening wraps in this section

  • Hook and loop fastening wraps offer greatest adjustment for best fit at all times.
  • May be laid flat for easy changing.
  • Closer fitting style, may be used with pad folded nappies.
  • Hook and loop fastenings can snag/collect fluff in the wash and become less effective.
  • Edges of fastenings may be stiff and can rub some babies.
  • Older babies usually discover hook and loop fastenings are easiest to undo.
  • Wide variety of styles, fabrics, colours and prints available.

We stock Bummis, Imse Soft and Organic Cotton, Kooshies, Litewrap, Modern Baby, Mothere-ease Rikki, including the new Eco Theme prints, Nappy Nation, Popo, , Tots Wrap, including the new colours of Spot and Star wrap, Prorap, and Bright Bots Pilchers.

Popper Fastening Wraps

  • Popper fastening wraps geberally have less adjustment of fit as hook and loop fastening wraps.
  • Looser styling and good elastication at waist to accomodate less adjustment between popper fastenings.
  • May be laid flat for easy changing.
  • More difficult for babies to undo than hook and loop style fastenings, and ideal for older babies.
  • Not as easy for grown ups to fasten as hook and loop type fastenings, but can often be pre-fastened and pulled up.
  • Best suited for nappies that are fastened rather than pad folded, although some styles are designed specifically for use with prefolds and padfolded nappies.

We stock Air Flow (Air Rika), Bummis Super Whisper Snap, Nature Babies Classic & Multiwrap, Prorap Snap, Popolini Vento, Stacinator So Simple Snap.

Pull-on Pants

  • Traditional styling.
  • Cheapest option, good value for money.
  • Easy to use, no adjustment, just pull on.
  • Looser fit, not suitable for pad folded nappies.
  • Cannot be opened flat - may be less easy to use with newborn/less solid poos.
  • No individual adjustment, just the elastic, may not fit some body shapes.
  • Less easy for babies to remove.
  • Choice of fabrics and colours.

Wool Wraps

  • Luxury fabric that is both breathable and waterproof, allowing cooling by evaporation.
  • Does not need washing after every use, does require airing regularly to ensure properties are kept.
  • Occassional treatment with lanolin /wool cure required to maintain properties.
  • Some babies may have a senstitivity to lanolin/wool.
  • Hand wash with pure soap and air dry, some may be machine washed and even tumble dried with care.
  • Choice of styles, fastenings and fit available.

We stock Disana, & Imse Vimse, but we can also get to order other makes.

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