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Nature Babies Multiwrap

Nature Babies Multiwrap

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Popper Fastening Wraps

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Size 1 & 2 now at lower prices! Introductory Offer on new XL size (Size 4)

Here we have Nature Babies side popper fastening Multiwrap, with soft elastication at the legs and waist. Featuring leg gussets for a trim and secure fit, Nature Babies wraps are an excellent British Made alternative to Motherease wraps that are currently in short supply. The stain resistant PUL polyurethane laminate is manufactured in Britain, and the outer print is also printed Britain, supporting local industries in Leicestershire.

Nature Babies have been manufacturing their reliable wraps since 2002. They are an excellent fit, genuinely superior on containment and they are made to last - they can be washed at 60 time and time again, You'll find the PUL will soften on washing giving you a quality reliable and long lasting wrap.

Three prints, Giraffe or Owl Bear Deer, or Whale three sizes Size 1 fits 9- 11lb+ (4.5kg+), Size 2 fits 18-20lb+ (8-10kg+), size 3 fits 28-30lb+ (13-14kg+) XL (Size 4) fits 36-28lb+ (16-17kg+) - size 4 Giraffe only

All sizes approximate, please note the fit and these sizes DO NOT directly correspond with Motherease Airflow, if you're looking for ' large' you may want size 2 or 3 depending on weight. If you are looking for XL please remember the XL Nature Babies does fit over a higher weight range than Airflows do, and thus comes up larger overall - a useful wrap for larger toddlers overnight for example.


Please note this wrap has leg gussets so sits flat between the legs and the leg hole fits round the narrowest part of the leg. There ae 3 poppers at the waist each side and also at the leg each side to give best adjustability and fit for containment. The fit of thse wraps is more trim than Airflow, as it sits flat through the legs, and the wrap has lage gussets which are designed to sit in the narrowest part of the leg NOT over the thighs. The leg bindings are gentle.

Works well over every type of nappy whether fitted or terries or prefolds, excellent contaiment. Widely used and recommended by nappy libraries - it's excellent on containment, and is robust - can be washed and worn many many times at 60 degrees.

Size 1 £11.99

Size 2 £12.99

Size 3 £13.99

New Size XL (Size 4) Giraffe Print only, now in stock at special introductory price £12.99

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