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Twinkle PopUp Wrap - Twinkle Twilight - Black cuffs

Twinkle PopUp Wrap - Twinkle Twilight - Black cuffs

Price: 15.95



Popper Fastening Wraps

These beautifully handmade pants are made in the UK especially for us. Can be used either as a pull up or fastened with poppers.

They have no elastic whatsoever, having very soft and stretchy fleece cuffs at the legs and waist. Ideal for all babies with latex sensitivity, or chubby legs prone to marks. The leg and waist bands are so soft there won't be even a hint of a red mark on baby's skin. These roomy pants are full enough to fit over any fitted nappy, are high in the rise and seem to suit all shapes of baby. The body of the wrap is a very high quality polyurethane laminated polyester that is smooth and soft to touch and its smooth styling fits easily under clothing. The airy design and non-wicking leg and waist bands stop the leaks, however as with all fleece products you do have to be careful to ensure the fleece is pulled away from the nappy so that pressure doesn't force the moisture through. A row of snap fastenings at each side make this easy to put on and take off, this wrap can also be used as a pull on because the fleece is so stretchy. Unlike other fleece-cuffed pull ups, this wrap can be laid flat for easy removal- ideal if dealing with poo!

Great for overnight or daytime.

Machine wash 40 or 60, we advise not to tumble dry (but do dry very quickly!)

Sizes Approximately

XSmall 6-12lb

Small 10-15lbs (waist 15+", thighs 8-10"), Medium 15-20lbs, (waist 16+", thighs 10-12"), Large 20-30lbs, (waist 17+", thighs 11-13"), XL 30+lbs (waist 18+", thighs 12-14")

All sizes 15.95

Made in UK

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