Working It Out

For each type of nappy, I have indicated the approximate average quantity you may need if solely using that nappy so that you may compare the costs involved. I have calculated the cost for this EXCLUDING wraps if required, also excluding any optional items such as liners (washable or flushable for poo removal) or booster pads (for extra absorbency). Most people tend to use somewhere between 15-24 nappies plus 4 wraps per size, or for pocket nappies somewhere between 12-15 as they're quicker drying depending on the factors below:

Generally, a newborn baby will need to be changed 10-12 times per day, reducing to 6-8 times when older, finally perhaps just using at night. So the quantity of nappies needed will usually be greater for a newborn than for an older baby, although you'll probably want to put the washing machine on more frequently the more nappies you are using. Most washing machines hold a maximum of about 16-20 nappies - too many and they don't wash very efficiently. I find a most people buy a washing machine load, plus a few spare to allow for the washing machine and drying cycle.

Your requirements will vary according to your baby's needs and to your washing cycle, so please do bear in mind you may need more nappies if you wish to wash less frequently and if you do not tumble dry. If you are going to use cloth nappies on a part-time basis then naturally you will need to adjust the number of nappies accordingly. Equally, if you are an organised person, and can ensure to get the washing machine on regularly then 12-15 may be fine if tumble drying. If you are not tumble drying, it is worth considering having a few flat nappies for speed of drying and to economically allow you extra nappies (even if not keen on folding) if you are choosing a shaped nappy as your main system.. Likewise, some nappy fabrics dry quicker than others - bamboo tends to dry slower in a fitted nappy, and synthetics tend to dry quicker.

For night time only use for toddlers, you'll really only need 2-3 nappies plus a wrap or two. As they are likely to be wet only, most people tend to wash these nappies with their next machine load. You may choose to sluice them in the toilet, or to rinse/prewash in the machine before adding your main load if soiled.

If buying for twins, I find that usually you'll want only about one and a half times the number of nappies you might need for one baby (typically 24-30), its just that the washing machine is on more often, but that its useful for each twin to have a full compliment of wraps, especially as they can be in different sizes at different times. A standard sized washing machine will generally hold only about 15-18 nappies.

I anticipate you may well choose a few of each of several types to try initially, and I have included on the price list some example Starter Selections - our Nappy BagKits - to get you started with washable nappies. There is also a special 'Newborn' selection, designed to give a variety of nappies that can be adaptable whatever the size of baby: this package could also be bought as a gift. Don't feel obliged to stick to what is in a starter selection, I only suggest these as a starting point - you are very welcome to mix and match your own choice of nappies instead.

These Starter Selections allow you to try a few nappies thoroughly and then make an informed choice to complete the nappy purchases you require for your baby. Many parents will find, as I did, that there is a great benefit in choosing more than one nappy type from different manufacturers in order to satisfy your requirements more fully. By ordering from this catalogue, you will be able to do this without having to purchase individually from each manufacturer or distributor.

If there is a nappy you would like to try that is not listed here, or you would like further information or assistance then please do call and ask.

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