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Nature Babies Essential One Size Wrap - popper fastening

Nature Babies Essential One Size Wrap - popper fastening

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Popper Fastening Wraps

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A one size 'birth-to-potty' style wrap, in choice of colours and prints. Excellent value & Made in UK.

Key Features:

  • Polyurethane laminated wrap with outer polyester layer.
  • Wash at up to 60
  • Suitable for all nappies, shaped and pad folded.
  • Multi-sized wraps, with height adjustment for a good economical fit from 10-30lb approx.
  • Poppers at waist and at thigh.
  • Made in Britain.
  • This reliable and great fitting wrap is made in the UK by Nature Babies. It is made from from PUL (polyurethane laminated to polyester, the same quality waterproofing material as the Nature Babies Classic Classic Wraps), andlike the Classic has an additional outer layer of polyester giving a softer, matt finish in colours & prints.

    The overwhelming advantage of this product is a one-size design, with a clever system of poppers on the front . Two rows horizontally round the front for waist and leg adjustment and three down the front to adjust the sizing means the Essential Wrap will fit from approximately 10-30lbs (4.5-14kg approx). We'd suggest this wrap is best from birth only for chubby style babies with birthweight 10lb+ - anything less will not be snug enough round the legs and waist and is quite likely to leak - but as many people don't really get round to changing to cloth nappies until about this weight it's ideal for those on a budget, although for taller larger babies it can get outgrown for those later in potty training.

    Please note : Discontinuing colours are marked with * and stock is limited

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