Pocket Nappies

  • Pocket Nappies have a pocket into which you stuff an absorbent insert giving one piece to put on, so very easy to use.
  • Component parts separate for ease of washing and quick drying.
  • Some assembly needed, simple folding may be required.
  • Fasten with Hook and Loop fastening or poppers.
  • May be less effective on containment than a nappy with separate wrap as only 1 barrier at leg & waist.
  • Generally a more expensive option than nappy& wrap, but speed of drying means less nappies may be needed overall.

We stock Bumgenius, Fuzzi Bunz 'Perfect Size' and One Size, Happy Heinys, Minkis, Slink Minkis and Nature Babies Stuffables, plus hemp and microfibre inserts

Separate wraps are not needed with Pocket Nappy Systems as the component parts make a complete system.

Please note that some pocket nappies are supplied empty, and for these you will need an absorbent inner pad, or hemp or microfibre insert or folded terry or prefold to stuff your pocket nappy with.