Useful Terms

AIO or All-In-One A one piece nappy complete with its own integral waterproof wrap.

AI2 or All-in-TwoThis is a once piece to put on nappy but the absorbent bit attaches to the outer waterproof bit and can be separated for quicker washing and drying or to economise by replacing the absorbent bit.

Aplix Brand name of a high quality type of Velcro like hook and loop style fastenings. It's great for nappies due to its high quality and ability to withstand multiple washes. We can't call it Velcro because it's not made by Velcro which is a registered trade name.

Bamboo Grown without pesticides this new fabric remains soft and silky, is slimmer than cotton, and dries reasonably fast as a flat nappy but where there are seams is slow to dry.

Booster pads Extra layers of fabric to fit inside a nappy to increase absorbency, may be made of terry, flannelette or hemp. you can make your own by cutting up cotton fabric and oversewing the edges, an hourglass shape is best.

Bright Bots Australian manufacturer of economical trainer pants, terry squares and clothing, all in bright colours.

Cloth Nappies Nappies made from fabric as opposed to disposables

Diaper American name for Nappy

Dry pailing Storing the nappies dry without soaking before washing

Fleece Generally Acrylic or Polyester fabric as used in fleece jackets etc. Polyester fleece is considered best, used for wraps as it is very breathable, and one-way stay dry liners as it isn't absorbent and keeps baby dry.

However some nappies are made of cotton fleece such as Kissaluvs - this is soft fluffy and like the inside of a sweatshirt.

FlexiTots Nappy from Tots Bots with bamboo velour inner and soft polyester outer.

Fuzzi Bunz The inventor of the modern pocket nappy comprising waterproof outer of polyurethane laminated waterproofing, inner of polyester fleece, between which is a pocket into which is put your nappy. Keeps baby dry, easy to put on, yet separates for quick washing & drying.

Imse Vimse Swedish nappy manufacturer of Imse Diapers and wraps

Itti Bitti Australian All in Two nappy system , slim fitting with a waterproof outer and pop in pads

Kissaluv American made nappy, very stretchy cotton fleece fabric, slim fitting and popper fastening, ideal for chubby babies

Kooshies Canadian manufacturer of nappies, including Ultra and Classic, was one of the first designs of modern washable nappies 10 or more years ago, now considered a little dated as design unchanged since then.

Lanolin Used to treat Wool Wraps, to maintain their waterproof properties, often as an ingredient of Wool Cure the recommended treatment for wool wraps.

Liners For use in nappies for catching poo (flushable or fleece), keeping baby dry (fleece) or calming nappy rash (silk, silver)

Litewrap Polyurethane laminated wrap with both Velcro and a popper. Good generous fit for chubby legs.

Microfibre/Microterry. Modern synthetic absorbent fabric, with terry loop pile, good absorbency very quick to dry

Mother-Ease (ME) Canadian nappy manufacturers, renowned for quality and reliable one-sized stretch terry nappy with poppers and Air-Flow and Rikki wraps

Nappy Nippas Stretchy T shaped gadget with claw ends, used to fasten terries without a pin

One Way Liners A liner to go between baby and the nappy that is biodegradable and flushable, or of washable fabric e.g. polyester or fleece. These allow liquids to pass through to be soaked up by the nappy keeping baby drier, whilst retaining solids to allow them to be flushed down the loo.

Pocket nappy A waterproof nappy cover with an inner lining of (usually) polyester fleece with an opening to stuff with an absorbent pad. Examples are Fuzzi Bunz, BumGenius, Stuffables.

Popo Velcro fastening wrap made by Popolino

Popolino Austrian nappy manufacturer, of Popo wraps and cellulose Popli liners

Poppers Usually plastic, popper fastenings, in America these are referred to as 'snaps'

Prefold Three panelled flat flannelette nappy that is pre folded and stitched so that the centre panel is thicker than the outer two panels.

Pull-on pants Traditional style waterproof pull on, without side openings - pulls on like ordinary pants. Largely superceded by modern popper or hook and loop fastening 'wraps' which open to lay flat for ease of use.

PUL or Polyurethane Laminate, usually laminated to polyester this is the waterproofing material of most breathable wraps.

Rikki Wrap Velcro fastening wrap made by Mother-ease

Silver Liners Polyester nappy liners with a thread of silver in. Silver is antibacterial and helsp restrict bacterial growth, so by placing one of these liners anywhere in the nappy it will help reduce overnight redness and nappy rash.

Snaps American term for poppers

Stuffable nappy Pocket nappy, the trade marked name of Nature Babies for their one size pocket nappy

Sodium Polyacrylate Chemical name for the gel used in disposable nappies to absorb wet.

Stay Dry Liners May be made of 100% polyester or poyester fleece, or have a polyester uppermost layer, which allows moisture to pass through and any remaining urine dries by evaporation through to the nappy resulting a dry layer between baby and nappy.

Terries Terry towelling square, very widely used in UK until advent of disposables

Tea Tree Oil From the Tea Tree, has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Two-part Nappy system that is in two parts i.e. a nappy plus a waterproof wrap

Velcro Brand name for hook and loop style fastening

Wool Best quality fabric for night-time wrap, allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate leaving baby cool

Wool Cure A treatment made of lanolin and soap for washing wool wraps and preparing them for use.

Wrap Any waterproof outer cover that goes over a nappy