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Bear Bott


Bear Bott All In One

In a choice of Bamboo inner or Stay Dry Inner

Bear Botts All-in-One nappy is the perfect convenient option!

Our AIO features beautiful unique patterns, in a design that fits babies and toddlers from approx 9lb to 38lb.

Easy to use snap buttons for quick nappy changes and the perfect fit.

Includes one cloth nappy with either Stay Dry or Bamboo attached Insert.

Stay Dry Insert - Stay dry fabric outer layers to wick away moisture from your baby and highly absorbent core layers made up of microfibre and bamboo, this combines the speedy absorption of microfibre with slower absorbing bamboo that can retain lots of liquid. The perfect combination. Quick drying for British winter too!

Composition of Stay Dry Insert - 30% Polyester / 55% Microfibre / 15% Bamboo.

Bamboo - sustainable, quick drying and very absorbent.

It has a soft silky texture, is breathable and extremely comfortable against the skin. Made from environmentally friendly woven bamboo, it has very little impact on the environment as it can be cultivated naturally without the need for pesticides.

Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, absorbing 60% more moisture and drying 20% faster. Natural fibres do take longer to dry so having a mixture of both insert options is a great idea.

Composition of Bamboo Insert - 85% Bamboo / 15% Polyester.

Both of our AIO nappies feature an internal double gusset for unbeatable leak prevention and containment.

Hand-designed on the East Coast of Scotland

Our All In One nappy design

Our nappies feature a double row of waist poppers and crossover waist poppers for small babies.

A low hip stability popper prevents leaks and fabric bunching.

Tummy Elastic cinches in the waist creating a perfect fit teamed with an inner PUL panel to prevent leaks.

The outermost part of our nappy cover is high quality PUL (thermally bonded using heat, not chemicals) which makes the nappy waterproof.

Our nappies can be tumble dried for short periods of time on a low heat setting.

Our AIO nappy is suitable from newborn to busy toddler with over 14 different sized settings.


Stay Dry Inner


Bamboo Inner

Composition of Bamboo Insert - 85% Bamboo / 15% Polyester.

New Collection All in Two nappies


New Collection All in Two nappies

Latest (V3) release All in Two Nappies now in stock!

Choice of Stay Dry or Bamboo snap in inserts.

Additional inserts also available

The improvements from the second collection onwards are as follows:

  • PUL tabs - The AI2 now features stretchy PUL tabs for ease of fit.
  • Tabs not as deep - great for chubby babies and again getting a really comfortable fit.
  • Extra popper for the low hip stability popper.
  • Tummy PUL panel for those front sleepers to prevent leaks.


With Stay Dry Insert


With Bamboo Insert


Bear Bott AI2 Covers Only

Just the cover, no insert - buy bamboo or stay dry separately

First Series Covers Only


First Series Covers Only

These differ slightly from the current version & V2

- not as stretchy PUL tabs

- deeper tabs

- no PUL facing panel inside the cover to give extra protection for tummy sleepers

- no extra hip stabilising popper


17.5% off Original Collection Bear Bott All in Two with Stay Dry Insert

Special Offer -17.5% off original collection All In Two individual nappies. Was £21.95 now £18.66

All the original collection came with Stay Dry inserts, but you can buy extra Stay dry or bamboo inserts separately


Extra Snap In Inserts

Buy extra inserts to re-use your outer more often.

We also stock Bear Bott bamboo boosters - add absorbency to any nappy, 4 layers of bamboo/polyester, slightly wider at one end, and designed to fit under the absorbent pad of an AIO or AI2

Wet Bags & Pods


Wet Bags & Pods

Bear Bott Wet Bags are double-layered PUL zipped bags with carry handle that will snap on to a pram handle, ideal for 2-3 nappies.

Pods are double-layered PUL bags, with snap fastening handle designed to hold up to 8 Bear Bott nappies, or a combination of nappies, wetbag and change of clothing - ideal for nursery.

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