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Twinkle Fleece Liners

Twinkle Fleece Liners


Pack of 6 or single

Nappy Accessories

Hourglass, available in white

These 100% polyester fleece liners are shaped to fit, being approximately 34cm x 14cm, and hourglass shaped being about 4cm wider at each end. Current stock now singly or packs of 6 in cream/white. You can make your own fleece liners from 100% polyester fleece available from all good fabric shops. We were the first site to introduce fleece liners to the UK, and they have proved extremely popular. We have ours made to our own hourglass shape as we find this shape better than rectangular ones as it tends to resist creasing up in use. These fleece liners are of microfleece, which is slimmer than the more common and thicker polar fleece as used in blankets, jackets etc.

Polyester fleece gives a nice thickness of non-absorbency between baby and the nappy, allowing wee to be drawn away into the nappy. Ideal for night times, and probably better for your baby's skin than the gel of disposable nappies, these fleece liners really do keep your baby surprisingly dry. Rather than use a desiccant chemical to keep your baby's skin dry, they work by using your baby's body heat to evaporate the moisture through to soak up into the nappy, leaving a dry layer next to your baby's skin. Mind you, I am of a view that marketing has a lot to answer for: it is worth considering what your baby's skin was in for the 9 months whilst in uterus, and indeed keeping skin moist seems to be considered a good thing for many skin conditions - wet wraps were always the best treatment for my daughter's Great Gran's leg ulcers!

For newborn babies they are soft, and help keep the poo off the nappies reducing staining. For older babies, when you are expecting a poo, a paper liner can be used on top to facilitate removal if required. However do be aware that a paper liner will tend to hold moisture for longer between baby and fleece liner so negating the effect of the fleece to some extent.

They are also easy to wash - in with the nappies at any temperature, and if pooed on, simply stretch over the loo and let the poo fall off! For stickier poo, hold a corner and flush the loo, or, for more sticky situations, fold in two (poo inside so you avoid contact!) and rub in the flush. Long lasting and durable, these work out much more economical than flushable liners with the benefit of being much softer against baby's skin.

Colour is white/ivory/cream or similar pale shade depending what is available at the time of your order

Available individually at £1 each or in packs of 6 at £5.

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