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Aplix, Velcro, and Hook and Loop Fastening Wraps

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Key Features:

  • Breathable wrap
  • Made of polyurethane laminated polyester.
  • White only.
  • Wash at 60, very robust.
  • Double elasticated leg gusset holds pad folded nappies well.
  • Very suitable for prefolds, will suit most shaped nappies too.

Made in USA by Proservices, this wrap was designed specifically with the Nappy Laundry Services in mind, and is very robust so can be washed with the nappies at 60. Very versatile in that it will go over all nappies we've tried it with (for a slimmer baby), though chunkier babies may find the wrap too high cut in the leg to fit over some shaped nappies, particularly nappies that are tall in the rise and come up reasonably high on the waist eg UltraFit, because when the Velcr is fastened on its outer extremities there will be insufficient depth of wrap between waist and thigh to cover the nappy.

This wrap is made of polyester with a polyurethane laminate interior, so is waterproof and yet breathable. It has a double elasticated leg gusset which means this wrap will hold all nappies especially prefolds in place. The hook and loop fastening is soft and strong without being stiff, and is located a good couple of centimetres below the waistband to minimise the risk of scratching. Available in white only.

Wash at 60 with your nappies, can be tumble dried on a low heat.

Newborn 6-10lb (2.27-4.5kg), Small 9-14lb (4-6.3kg), Medium 13-25lb (6-11.5kg), Large 24-35lb (11-16kg), XL 35-45lb (16-20kg), also Preemie for use with booster pads for premature babies fits 2-6lb (1-2.3kg)

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Price 6.50, XLarge 7.30

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