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Motherease One Size

Motherease One Size

From: 10.95


Snap In Booster/Absorbent Liner


Motherease One Size

Suggested Quantity: 18-20 + snap in boosters + 4 wraps per size

Motherease One Size is an extremely popular one size nappy, being consistently reliable for fit, absorbency and containment. This brand was one of the first brands we started with in 1999, winning many awards, and has remainded virtually unchanged since then. Quality control is excellent, every nappy is identical. comprising a quick drying short loop pile terry stretchy knitted fabric, in 3 versions, Natural, Organic or Bamboo. This nappy can be adjusted with poppers to fit from new-born to potty training - about 8-32lb, though this will vary according to your baby's build. The Motherease One Size can be bulky around the waist on a slim newborn (but remember they grow quickly), equally can be outgrown height or width-wise especially if a tall baby (though the same can be true of most nappies particularly multi-sized ones). You may find that this nappy is extremely trim fitting at around 6m-1 year and express concerns that it will get outgrown - this is quite normal as this is when your baby is at maximum width and should slim down sometimes quite dramatically upon getting mobile (tip do not part with your M wraps even if in XL ones at this point until after your baby has been walking for 3-4 months). However if maternal height is over 5ft 7" and/or you have a history of larger babies and /or later potty training please be prepared that your child may outgrow these in height and you may need to move to larger nappies. We do sell snap on extenders to add extra girth if needed.

The absorbency of the Motherease nappy is good, there is also a separate inner liner included or the two parts are available separately, which attaches with poppers for use as required and at nights. The booster will not normally be needed for a newborn, but is usually added in later (say from around 3-4 months) and for nights. Waist and legs are gently elasticised ensuring a snug fit. Practice with the popper system to adjust size may be required before use: full instructions given. The nappy can be fastened together before wrap is put on, making this easier to use for wriggly babies than a pre-fold, however not as easy as an all-in-one. Poppers are harder for toddlers to remove than velcro, however they may also be harder for those with poor eyesight or restricted hand movement or those that just don't get on with poppers to fix!

Natural. The fabric is of 85% cotton with 15% polyester - the polyester is mainly in the base weave of the fabric for longevity and reduction of shrinkage, strength and to aid drying speed, the pile being cotton,so that is next to your baby's skin.

Now also available in 100% Organic Cotton and in Bamboo (57% rayon from Bamboo 24% cotton overall, with 70% bamboo/30% cotton in the terry loops, with 19% polyester in the base weave for strength, ligtness and to aid drying time). This Bamboo version is again in short pile stretch terry, giving a reasonable drying speed (but slower than the regular Motherease One size) and good absorbency. Unlike many bamboo nappies, this fabric has a natural width-wise stretch, giving a snug trim fit.

Good secondhand value - these Motherease nappies are much sought after.

Can be washed at up to 70º, and tumble dried on medium heat.

Wraps are required. Suggested wraps include the Mother-ease Rikki (Velcro) or Air Flow (popper) wraps, or the Nature Babies or Tots Wraps.

Weight 164g. Made in Canada

    Motherease One Size Nappy Natural 10.95
    Organic Cotton 12.95 or Bamboo 12.95
    Snap in Boosters Natural 2.75
    Dry - this has a polyester staydry upper layer 3.25
    Organic 3.25
    Bamboo 3.25
    Natural One Size Nappy & matching Snap in Booster 13.70
    Bamboo One Size & matching Bamboo Snap In Booster 16.20

    or Organic One Size Nappy & matching Snap in Booster 16.20

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Click here for instructions on how to use these nappies for different size babies

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