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Bright Bots Trainer Pants

Bright Bots Trainer Pants

Price: 4.95


Potty Training/Bedwetting

As trainer pants go, I was somewhat sceptical that these would work - but they do, and work pretty well considering their price advantage, holding about 1 little wee or a good dribble! Ideal for giving you a little extra protection for the almost-but-not-quite-potty-trained child, you can easily convince these are real, big boy or big girl pants, as they look and feel like ordinary pants, the absorbent bit is foam, and the waterproof bit is PUL - polyurethan laminated to polyester so they're pretty quiet without rustle! You will need to change very promptly after the wee though. Represents good value at this price. These pants are made to look like pants, with a cotton jersey top, elasticated waist and legs. It is only the middle bit below the waist, and between the legs which is thicker with the absorbent foam with a waterproof backing, sandwiched between the two layers of cotton jersey. They are available in each of the rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and amethyst pink, plus the more pastel Ice Cream colours: Pale Pink, Light Blue Turquoise, Light Green, and Mauve, wioth recent additions of Mid Blue and a purple print with multicoloured dots (Note: from time to time we are unable to get certain size/colours, so we may send an alternative colour - we appreciate potty training needs mean you'll usually want these to arrive promptly within a couple of days - so do please state at checkout if you have a boy or girl, or there is any thing specific you do or don't want).

80% cotton20% polyester jersey, with polyurethane laminate layer between legs.

Sizing is approximate, and in our opinion the new version is better as they are running a little larger than previous version, and should now be more or less that indicated by the manufacturer (below) - however if your child is comparably slim or chunky compared to age group/weight then do adjust the size you choose accordingly, please go UP a size if in doubt, there's good overlap between the sizes.

Small : up to about 15-18 months, height 84cm, waist 50cm, weight 12kg

Medium: up to about 2 - 2.5yrs height 92cm, waist 53cm, weight 14kg

Large from up to about 2.5- 3 yrs height 100cm, waist 54cm, weight 16kg

XL bigger than that, height 108cm, waist 55cm, weight 18kg

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