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Bright Bots Set of 5 Trainer Pants

Bright Bots Set of 5 Trainer Pants

Price: 19.00


Colour range will include

Potty Training/Bedwetting

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Buy our Trainer Pants as a Set of 5 and get over 10% discount from the price individually. We pick the colours from the stock we have - you get the discount. These are PUL version, and in hte latest colours

Sizing is approximate, and in our opinion can often be slightly smaller than that indicated by the manufacturer (below) - therefore if your child is comparably slim or chunky compared to age group/weight then do adjust the size you choose accordingly, please go UP a size, rather than down if in doubt, although there's good overlap between the sizes.

Small : up to about 15-18 months, height 84cm, waist 50cm, weight 12kg

Medium: up to about 2 - 2.5yrs height 92cm, waist 53cm, weight 14kg

Large from up to about 2.5- 3 yrs height 100cm, waist 54cm, weight 16kg

XL bigger than that, height 108cm, waist 55cm, weight 18k

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