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White Bots by Bright Bots - Pack of 12

White Bots by Bright Bots - Pack of 12

Price: 24.50

Terries and Muslins

Pack of 12 excellent value white terry squares, 60cm approx. Good quality 320gsm 100% cotton terry, wash at 40 or 60. these are excellent value, everyday versatile terries, ideal for traditional or padfolding, offering great value for money.

Made in China

Wraps are needed, Suggested wraps include Prorap, Bummis, for pad folding; any pull on pant, popper fastening wraps such as AirFlow or Nature Babies, or Rikki and Imse Vimse hook and loop wraps for folding traditionally; or Bummis pull on pants. Fasten by pins or using Nappi Nippas.

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