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Single Nappi Nippa

Single Nappi Nippa

Price: 1.99


Terries and Muslins

Single Nappi Nippa nappy fastener.

These handy gadgets have largely replaced pins for securely fastening flat nappies, terry squares, prefolds, and any fitted cloth nappy without fastening. The Nappi Nippa is a three-armed stretchy plastic affair, with each arm ending in a rounded 'tab', with a set of 'teeth' underneath each tab, that hook securely into the fabric and holds the nappy in place.

The easiest way to put these Nappi Nippas on a nappy is to lay it in place in a 'T' and hold it in place while you stretch each side and hook into the nappy, one side at a time, then finally pull the centre tab down as far as you can to make a 'Y'. If the Nappi Nippa remains as a 'T' it will not be tight enough and may come loose.

You do not need to worry that your baby might undo the Nappi Nippa, because pulling outwardly (which is the natural reaction) of the arms results only in tightening the gripping effect.

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