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Silver Polyester Liners

Silver Polyester Liners

Price: 2.40

Nappy Washing and Accessories

Back in stock April 2013.

New supplier: Made in UK from UK manufactured fabric.

For thousands of years silver has been known as an effective anti-microbial agent. Single celled organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, moulds and fungi are capable of being killed by silver. It is widely accepted nowadays that silver affects the enzyme that is responsible for the cells breathing, thereby suffocating the cells. This means that unlike antibiotics which poison the cell, silver does not cause these micro-organisms to become immune to silver, so there is no concern of repeated use or an incomplete course of treatment. As well as killing micro-organisms, it has been found that silver seems to increase healing effects on plants and animals if applied to sores or wounds.

These polyester liners are threaded with silver. Simply place in the nappy or nappy area - our trials show it does not have to be in contact with baby's skin to be effective.

Ideal for nappy rash, particularly effective for overnight use.

Wash at 40 or 60 with the nappies, tumble drying not recommended or required as these dry very quickly. Can be used again and again.

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