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Reusable Organic Cotton Tampons by Imse Vimse - Flower

Reusable Organic Cotton Tampons by Imse Vimse - Flower

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For Mum & Mum To Be

Reusable Tampons work in the same way as disposable tampons - but without the waste! Simply wash & dry, as you would your pads, and then roll up and use again. Saves waste and saves money - these come with a 10 year warranty!

The Imse Vimse Reusable Organic Cotton Tampons are made by Imse Vimse in Turkey, and are certified oeko-tex 100 so you can be assured they're chemical free! No plastic either. just 100% organic cotton.

Available in 3 absorbencies to suit your flow - Mini, Regular or Heavy, in plain, or choice of flower or garden print. When unfolded the mini is shorter than the regular which in turn is shorter than the Heavy, meaning it is slimmer when rolled up. Each tampon has a string attached at one end, you roll your tampon up towards the string, which you then wrap round and secure with a single knot, making removal easy with the string. Wash at 60-90 without conditioner, can tumble dry.

Available in packs of 8, with an illustrated leaflet of full instructions for washing and use.

Pack of 8 Flower Print Mini £18.95, Regular 19.95, Heavy 20.95

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