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Potion Nappy Wash by Tots Bots 750g bag

Potion Nappy Wash by Tots Bots 750g bag

Price: 5.99


Tots Bots

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Now in bags Tots Bots: Potion, in Parma Violet, Mint Humbug or Unscented.

This detergent is made in the UK and has an in-wash antibacterial action that kills bacteria at 30 degrees allowing parents to clean and sanitise nappies at environmentally friendly low temperatures, saving money.

Unlike other low temperature detergents, thsi is a completely natural product and does not contain synthetic enzymes, making it gentle for the environment and for your baby's skin.

It has been allergy tested (not on animals!) - click on link above for details of ingredients.

You can also use this wash on all laundry, as well as nappies. We've also tried this on our washing and find it's great for horsey grass stains and the general grime of outdoor kids: knees of trousers and socks come up very well.

750g bag - Sorry this product cannot be shipped outside of UK

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