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Muslinz 60cm Bamboo Cotton Terry Squares

Muslinz 60cm Bamboo Cotton Terry Squares

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Terries and Muslins

Muslinz Bamboo Cotton terry squares are made in Pakistan from 50% bamboo rayon and 50% cotton. There is NO polyester content.

Bamboo is a very fast growing crop, it grows well on poor soils using less water than cotton, and is grown without pesticides. It is easily harvested and the bamboo rayon is produced from the bamboo fibre and spun into the silky bamboo fibre which gives these nappies their softness.

These creamy off-white colour nappies are a nice quality nappy, of good thickness without being over-bulky and are a very absorbent nappy, they can be washed at 40-60, and dry quicker than a fitted nappy. Useful from birth without being too bulky this nappy can be pad folded or secured with a pin or Nappi Nippas for best containment. The 60cm size is ideal for all ages, and although bulky could be used from birth. It is also useful for lining changing mats, mopping up, improvised bib, burp cloth etc. You may find you will need to progress to a larger size nappy for older toddlers or overnight, but not everyone will find this.

Recommended hang to dry.

Single £3.30

Pack of 12 £37.00

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