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MuslinZ prefolds Size 1 newborn, 6 pack

MuslinZ prefolds Size 1 newborn, 6 pack



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Supersoft 100% cotton muslin prefolds, pack of 6, for newborn. Fit from birth (5-6lb) to around 12lb (6.5kg), and cosnequently is slim and non bulky on a newborn.

Prefolds are pre-folded and stitched so the centre panel is 6 layers, the two outer panels are 4 layers, making folding simple. 12x17 inches (30.5 x 43cm) approx, will shrink a little on washing.

These are a great first nappy as they're straightforward to use, if secured with a pin or Nappi Nippa (as illustrated, pin not included) they are excellent on containment, and are very economical as well as quick to dry.

Use with a wrap over the top. Suggested wraps Bummis Super Whisper or Super Brite & Prorap are deisgned specifically for prefolds, as they're slightly lower in the rise, but any good wrap will work well if the prefold is secured with a pin or Nappi Nippa.

May also be folded to use as an insert in a pocket nappy, or as a booster to add to any nappy for extra absorbency.

Wash at 40 recommended by manufacturer, but could be washed higher if required as there is no elastic or velcro, and may be tumble dried, although shrinkinkage may occur.

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