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Mio Solo from Bambino Mio

Mio Solo from Bambino Mio

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Designed for ease of use and speed of drying the Mio Solo is adjustable to fit from birth to potty. With a waterproof PUL outer, lined inside with stay-dry polyetser, the Mio Solo has a fold out absorbbent microfibre flap - this aids washing enabling a more thorough wash as the core flips out on washing, and when you hang to dry with the flap out it speeds drying.. The flap has a couple of loops (to pull the flap out, and a fold over end into which you tuck your fingers, making it very easy to stuff as you just put your fingers in the flap and push to the end.

The front has three rows of poppers on the front to adjust the height making it suitable to fit from around 7lb -16lb (3.2-16kg). The hook and loop fastening is easy to adjust, overlapping at the waist for slimmer babies and the tabs are large enough to get hold of for ease of use, and there are fold back tabs for washing so your nappies don't end up stuck together in the wash.

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