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LuMakes Nappy Pod - Twinkle Twilight

LuMakes Nappy Pod - Twinkle Twilight



Nappy Pods are designed to neatly carry a set of nappies end on so when you open the zip along the length of the pod, you can see all the contents in one go.

In our Twinkle Twilight fabric to match our Lu Makes Twinkle Twilight nappies and PopUp wraps

Made from a double layer PUL to contain damness and prevent leaks from wet nappies or swimwear, LuMakes pods have been designed with little thoughtful 'extra features' such as the handy side-pocket the length of the bag which is ideal for wipes, keys, phone, snacks etc.

They will comfortably fit 6 nappies in, making them perfect for daycare settings, or can be used for a change of clothes, swimwear, muddy football boots - the possible uses are endless.

The double handle at the top can be snapped together to make 1 sturdy handle, or split in 2 to make it easier for single bar buggy handles.

What will you put in yours?

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