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Bumhuggers by Ella's House - Aplix Fastening

Bumhuggers by Ella's House - Aplix Fastening


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Bum Huggers by Ella's House

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Bumhugger nappies are made in the Czech Republic in Ella's House own factory, from a soft natural coloured hemp/cotton fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) for maximum absorbency and minimum bulk. At the front of the nappy is an opening, and inside is a tucked a hemp/cotton fleece soaker pad, that pulls out to speed drying time. This soaker provides fabulous absorbency, and can be either laid flat or folded tothe front for a front wetter. The opening also gives the opportunity to add an extra booster inside the nappy for very heavy wetters. Hemp provides better absorption for its weight than cotton, giving a neat slim nappy with excellent absorbtion, and is thus ideal for night times. It is also more enviromentally friendly to grow as it can be cultivated without chemicals as it is very resistant to disease and tends to outgrow weeds whereas cotton will usually require a lot of spraying for both weed control and pests (unless organic), and generally produces double the amount per acre than cotton.

The inside of the nappy is lined with polyester fleece to keep your baby's skin dry: baby's body heat will evaporate the mositrure rapidly through to the absorbent hemp/cotton and dry out thus cooling baby too. We have a choice of fleece colours/prints.

The legs have gentle elastic, giving a good leakproof fit, fastening with Aplix hook and loop fastening. You may find this nappy slightly bulky for general daytime use - but it is VERY absorbent. For a slimmer version try the BumSlender, which is without the fleece lining.

Sizing Guide - measurements and weights are a guide

Small 6.6lb-15.4lb (3-7kg)

Large 15.4-33b (7-15 kg)

Toddler from 33lb+ (15kg)+approx

A wrap is needed with this nappy

Suggested wraps Motherease Rikki, Imse Vimse, (velcro) or Nature Babies or Airflow (popper) or a wool wrap is ideal for overnight.

All sizes 14.95

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