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Cloth Nappies

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Our range of real cloth absorbent nappies and wraps include: Itti Bitti, Motherease, Tots Bots, Bamboozles, Bright Bots, EasyFit, Terries, Prefolds, Fuzzi Bunz, Imse Vimse, Proraps, Popolini, Happy Heinys and Nature Babies, Bummis, Minkis, Organic nappies, terry squares and Muslins, and many more. We are continually testing and evaluating other washable nappies and wraps too. If you do not see what you are looking for please ask, and I will endeavour to source it for you. We do carry a limited stock of some cotton nappies and nappy covers not listed on this site - please ask. We also stock a wide range of washable liners, flushable liners and absorbent boosters as well as all manner of accessories, trial kits and complete nappy kits.

Please also see our bargains section at the foot of this page.

Wraps for Nappies

Two part nappy systems always need a wrap to go over the absorbent nappy.

Huge range of hook and loop fastening,popper fastening or pull on pants. We also stock wool wraps.

Nappy Washing and Accessories

All the extras you'll need for washing and caring for your reusable cloth nappies.

Green Nappies

We've co-ordinated the most environmentally friendly selections of nappies, so that you can choose a nappy with the least environmental impact.

We've included nappies and wraps that are organic cotton, or of hemp/green cotton mix or bamboo. Alll these fibres are grown without the use of pesticides.

We've also included our organic range of toiletries here too.

Money Saving Nappies

It's a well known fact that reusable nappies will save you money compared to using disposables. Our choice of money-saving nappies from terry squares to one size pocket nappies is tailored to suit your budget and keep your costs down even more.

New Products

Organic Cotton Tampons from Imse Vimse

New Print Motherease Airflow

New Print Motherease Rikki wraps !

Swim Nappies and Sun Protection

We now stock a range of Tots bots SwimTots, Imse and Bright Bots swim nappies.

Swim nappies are designed for containment of poo only - they're not absorbent, if you think about it if they were they'd cause baby to sink! Our swim nappies comprise a fine gauge fabric whhich will contain poo within the nappy area, meaning should your child poo it will cotnain within the nappy. It is important to ensure you have a correct size that fits snugly at the waist and legs.

Potty Training/Bedwetting

We have a comprehensive range of Trainer pants designed to give some protection against small accidents whilst in the transition period between nappies and pants. Look for our special offer 5-pack of Bright Bots Trainer Pants and Little Wundies first pants.

We also stock Motherease Bedwetter Pants and quiet crinkle-free Bed Protector Sheets

Nappy BagKits (TM) - Nappy Trial Kits

We have been asked for a simple nappy trial kit for you to try out a brand of nappy before buying a whole set - so we've devised one that you can customise to suit your needs.

Nappy buying made simple

Each Nappy BagKit (TM) comprises a selection of nappies in the size you need, a wrap in the size and colour of your choice, plus free samples of our flushable liners, fleece liner, and our How to Nappy booklet, all packed in a free waterproof nappy bag

Nappy BagKits (TM) copyright Twinkle Twinkle 2016.

Nappy BucKits (TM) and Complete Nappy Kits

Nappy BucKits (TM) - everything BUt the baby Cloth nappy KITS

Nappy buying made simple

We keep getting asked for complete nappy 'kits' with everything you need to get started for your baby in cloth. It's difficult to decide what to buy, particularly when faced with the huge range of choice now available in the cloth nappy world today, and we've designed these nappy kits for busy people who have a good idea of which nappy system they want but simply don't have the time to plough through the options and choices; its here all in one BucKit.

However 'everything you need' varies from family to family according to your baby and your own needs and circumstances. So we've devised a basic starter set of nappies and wraps for the more popular nappy systems, which comes packed in a free nappy bucket, to which you can customise with quantities, choices of fabrics, colour or print, and you can then add the extras such as nappy liners and boosters that you might need. We also include free in the kit a copy of our How to Nappy guide, and assorted additional items to make a complete kit.

Nappy BucKits (TM) copyright Twinkle Twinkle 2017. Contents may vary slightly due to availability. We're sorry we cannot ship BucKits outside of UK.


Products by manufacturer, and manufacturers bulk buy kits and special offers, listed by maufacturer

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Toiletries and Baby Care Products

We stock a very wide range of natural and organic baby toiletries, our range includes Aromakids, Beelief, Earth Friendly Baby, Green Baby, Green People, Lanisoh and Magic Fairy., all on one quick order page.

For Mum & Mum To Be

Mooncup, Ma Petite Chou, Lunapads and Imse Vimse natural menstrual wear, Cotton and Organic cotton nursing pads

Slings, Hipseats and Baby Carriers

Slings and Hipseats

The most comfortable and most simple way to carry your baby is in a sling. We now stock the Sling Easy range of baby slings, the originator of the much copied over-the-shoulder ring sling design. Also in stock the Hippychick Hipseat and the soft structured organic cotton Manduca sling, suitable for use from birth to potty


We keep getting asked for present ideas, so here is a selection of our range suitable as gifts. We have natural baby care gift packs, nappy packs, dolly nappies and we also have gift vouchers available in varying denominations.

New in stock: Nappy & Tshirt gift packs. Ideal for encouraging cloth nappy use!


More sale stock added!


Perfect Size Fuzzi Bunz now only 6

We're always trying to find more room for our incoming stock, so from time to time we reduce the price of overstocked and discontinued lines - pick up a bargain here.

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