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Slings, Hipseats and Baby Carriers

Slings are an easy way to carry a baby that loves to be held. With your baby in a sling you can carry your baby without back or neck pain and still keep your hands free to do other things.

The "Sling Easy" baby sling is both safe and comfortable for you and your baby. The slings are made in the UK with attention to detail in an exclusive range of durable and soft 100% cotton fabrics, easy to machine wash and dry. The baby's weight is distributed between the shoulders and hip of the parent. With soft hypoallergenic padding in the shoulder pad and along the edges of the sling, many users find they can wear the sling for much of the day.

Research has found that sling carried babies cry less, are less colicky, and generally more settled and content. This sling was originally developed by a renowned consultant paediatrician, and are hand made to a very high standard, with quality machine washable 100% cotton fabrics in a choice of patterns and colours. Made of one thickness of fabric to minimise risk of baby overheating, the sling has padded rails to hold you baby securely, and a thickly padded shoulder for your comfort: there are no hard edges or straps to chafe and cut you or your baby. The rings are of sturdy unbreakable nylon and so kind to your washing machine (they are fully machine washable). The padding is non allergenic and fire retardant too.

Some people think regular carrying of a child is too difficult, but because the Sling Easy is so comfortable and easy to put on (5 seconds) and can be removed without waking the baby, it is very simple and versatile too. There are a variety of ways of carrying your baby in the sling to suit your child's changing shape and needs; you can even breastfeed discretely whilst wearing it. Most babies love slings: my friend was trying one one whilst expecting her 2nd baby, and we borrowed a 10 day old to try out the sling, baby Rebecca fell asleep whilst the sling was being passed around the room as others tried it out too!

Available in several colourways and fabric, and also in three sizes to suit your height. This means that baby is always in the right position height-wise for the most comfort.

Sizes Small to fit 5' 3"/ 1.6m or under, Regular for the average wearer, Long to fit over 6' or above, or over 14st/90kg.

We stock two fabric ranges, Popular, which comprises our most popular fabrics at £40.99, and Designer fabrics which are usually short runs of more unique prints and fabrics at £41.99, and an Organic range of fabrics made in India by a fairtrade co-operative at £45.99.

All slings are supplied with an instruction leaflet to show how to use the sling. We also have a video showing how to use the sling, and has mums and dads demonstrating the various carrying positions.

For your junior 'Mum' or 'Dad', we also stock Dolly Slings at £14.99.

Small - Height 5ft1"-5ft3" (under 1.6m) Dress Size 6-10

Regular - Height 5ft4"-5ft10" (1.62-1.78m) Dress Size 12-16

Long - Height 5ft11"+ (1.8m+) Dress Size 18 - 22

XL - made to special order, please enquire - Height 6ft+(1.83m+) Dress Size 22+

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