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Twinkle Pull On Pants - White

Twinkle Pull On Pants - White




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Traditional Style Made in UK Pull on Pants!

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Lightweight very breathable Polyurethane laminated polyester.
  • Excellent and roomy coverage over all nappy types, can be used over almost every nappy type, use with Nappi Nippas or pins on folded prefolds/terries
  • White
  • Wash at 40 or 60, - dries really quickly
  • Made in UK
  • These traditional styled pull-up pants are made from breathable polyurethane laminated polyester with soft and stretchy legs. They are lightweight, durable and very good value, and are very comfortable for longer periods such as overnight. Wash at 40or 60°C, do not use fabric conditioners, chlorine bleach or a whitening agent

    Made in the UK.

    Approx Sizes

    Small 7-15lb 3.2-7kg

    Medium 15-30lb, 7-14kg

    Large 30lb+ , 14kg+

    XL 35lb+, 16kg

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