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CrackaDaks OSFM Gultee in Milky Way

CrackaDaks OSFM Gultee in Milky Way



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Gultee is an emu, when you see the emu in the Milky Way is when they lay their beautiful big green eggs

Crackadaks OSFM One Size Fits Most AI2 pocket / pocket nappy, is a slim, trim yet very absorbent nappy, with a flexible option for all as you can use it as an all in two or as a pocket, and it adjusts for size with 3 rows of 3 rise poppers, plus two rows of waist poppers all with a choice of two or both inserts to optimise the absorbency as required and to give a trim fit for almost every baby. Fitting from approx 6-35lb (2.7-16kg), this nappy has been designed to provide a neat, trim fit whatever baby's build, and has been tried and tested over a wide range of babies in size and age. You will find this nappy is shorter than many and designed to fit in the more Australian 'on the hips' style as is popular down under - fitting low so it is very trim when on and means clothing fits perfectly over the top, but with plenty of absorbency packed inside.

The outer is a durable stretchy, water resistant PUL layer covered inside with a soft suede cloth inner lining, keeping your baby's skin dry. There is a pocket opening between these layers at the back of the nappy, so it can be used as a pocket for the inserts.

Each Nappy comes with 2 thirsty bamboo terry towelling and microfibre inserts, each being 3 layers bamboo terry towelling and 2 layers microfibre to allow for quick absorption and great capacity, and which allow you to customise the fit and absorption demands for each child. These inserts - a long 'snake' or 'anchor' insert, wider at one end so you can pop the wider end to front or back of the nappy as desired - dimensions 495mm x 100mm, and shorter 'booster' or 'newborn' insert - dimensions 290mm x 105mm with 2 poppers so it can be attached at the front of the nappy on top of the suedecloth stay dry lining. These inserts can be folded, stuffed, snapped or laid on top of the pocket, based on individual preference. You can opt to stuff them so the stay dry is uppermost, or lay on or popper in so the bamboo/microfibre is uppermost, particularly useful if nearing potty training. Made up of quality fabrics, these inserts are designed to last.

CrackaDaks feature their own unique and gorgeous in-house hand-designed artwork with colour co-ordinating poppers that are sure to make a cracking statement while also being friendly to the environment

Designed in Australia, made in China, these nappies are premium quality, and made for longevity as well as funky design. The manufacturer has passed multiple external audits so not only are these nappies high quality and built to last, they also are made in an environment that supports ethical production of goods. The brand name comes from Aussie Slang: Cracka = Excellent and Daks = Pants!

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