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Stuffins by Happy Heinys

Stuffins by Happy Heinys




Happy Heinys

  • Made of soft fleecey jersey knit style fabric, mix 55% hemp 45% green cotton
  • 7 layers in total - Stuffin is 3 + 4th layer forming pouch, insert is 3 layers,
  • Insert can be positioned to increase absorbency in specific area as required, gives slimmest fit for best absorbency
  • Separate insert aids drying time
  • Three sizes, S, M and L
  • May also be used as boosters
  • Made in USA
    • This insert is available in 3 sizes to suit.

      Small, 11 ½ inches to fit Small pouched nappy covers (bottom of picture)

      Medium 14 ½ inches to fit Medium. Centre of picture.

      Large 17 ½ inches for PT, Large and XL sizes.Top of picture with large insert loose above.

      Adjust the absorbency you need by positioning the insert in or partially in the pouch as required to cover the wettest zone. Additional boosters may be added if needed.

      Washing Note:

      This hemp product has been professionally washed and dried once, and further shrinkage may occur. It will need up to 8 more washings and dried before it is fully absorbent. When washing your hemp the first few times do NOT wash it with any fleece products. Hemp has natural oils in it and the oils can coat your fleece. After your hemp has been fully primed you may wash it with all of your nappies.

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