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Minki fleece topped Padz

Minki fleece topped Padz




For Mum & Mum To Be

These soft and comfortable Padz come in three sizes: Regular, Super, and Night-time.

Each pad comprises

  • A soft, stay-dry, comfortable top layer of fleece.
  • An inner core of terry towelling (2 layers in Regular and Super, 3 layers in Night-time)
  • A bottom layer of PUL breathable, waterproof fabric for added security and protection.
  • Micro-fleece wings with poly-resin snaps that fasten round your pants and hold the pad securely in place.
  • Our reluctant tester (an Imse Vimse organic cotton enthusiast) was concerned about having a synthetic material next to her skin, but delightedly reported back that no they weren't sweaty and yes they were surprisingly soft and comfortable.

    Available in 3 sizes:

    Regular/Small .........7" long x 3.0" wide ..2 soaker layers /PUL backed £3.75

    Super/Medium ..........10" long x 3.0" wide ..2 soaker layers /PUL backed £4.25

    Night-time./Large ....11" long x 3.5" wide 3 soaker layers /PUL backed £5.75

    Made on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Assorted fleece prints.

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