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Happy Heinys

SALE PRICE: Now reduced to 9.50

Details as sized plain colour Happy Heinys, order prints here:

This nappy is available in four sizes, although you may only need three from birth as the sizing is quite generous. You can cross over the tabs a little for a snugger fit as required, and they are also generously long to fit a wide range of body girth. Approx measurements:

Small to fit 8-16lb (3.6-7.5kg), Rise 14.5" Thigh 11-15" ('rise' is the measurement from waist to waist through crotch)

Medium to fit 14-25lb(6.5-11.5kg) Rise18" Thigh 14-21 "

Large to fit 23-35lb(10.5-16kg) Rise 20" Thigh 17-25 "

X-Large to fit 30-40lb(13.5-18kg) Rise 21" Thigh18-25"

You will need to purchase inserts for this nappy separately

(NB we mostly have one or two left of each print)

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