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Tots Wrap V3, sized, Rainbow, White & Print REDUCED

Tots Wrap V3, sized, Rainbow, White & Print REDUCED

Price: 6.00

size and colour/print

Wraps for Nappies

REDUCED - Plain coloured wraps 8, Storytime prints 8.50, Limited Edition prints 9
Soft and stretchy hook and loop fastening wraps non-gussetted style with improved nylon binding

Key Features:

  • Very breathable wrap
  • Stretchy, extremely soft polyurethane laminated polyester wrap.
  • Choice of colours & white
  • Colour matched hook and loop fastening
  • Wash at 40 or 60, do not tumble dry.
  • No leg gussets, stretches well to cover most nappies to give a neat trim fit.
  • Suitable for most nappy types.
  • Made in Scotland

This fabric is created especially for Tots Bots, a polyurethane laminated soft and very stretchy polyester. It's designed to be lightweight, breathable, and stretchy enough to fit snugly over most nappies (although may not work as well with very chubby babies and nappies that are deep from waist to thigh eg Motherease One Size or traditionally folded terry squares). The bindings are of anti wicking soft nylon, and it fastens with Aplix with an overlap on the tabs for smaller waisted babies.

The Tots Wrap comes in four sizes. The first size (size 0) is suitable for size 1 nappies from birth whereas the size 1 will fit over the Size 1 from birth for many babies as well as over the size 2 nappies when folded down to fit from when used from birth. The size 3 wrap fits extremely well over large nighttime nappies. Use with caution over nappies that are deep from waist to thigh eg Motherease One Size, you will find on wider chubby waisted babies the wraps are not always a good fit. Please note these wraps are without leg gussets, this gives a neat fit and minimal leakage as it is manufactured from one seamless piece of PUL.

Wash at 40 or 60, hang to dry (do not tumble)

Sizing and prices

Size 0 Birth to 12lbs (5.5kg)

Size 1 10 - 20lbs (4.5-9kg)

Size 2 20 - 35lbs (9-16kg)

Size 3 35lbs plus (16kg)


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