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Tots Bots TeenyFit v3 White

Tots Bots TeenyFit v3 White



Teenyfits are designed to give the perfect fit from tiny newborn baby size up to around 12lbs. Super absorbent and soft 'minkee' microfibre fabric inside provides great absorbency and is very quick to dry - ideal when your newborn is going through masses of nappies with a poo every time! Each nappy comes with a minkee booster which gives extra absorbency

Fits 5-12lbs approx

Shaped one-piece (all-in-one) design

Super absorbent soft colour matching minkee polyester fabric inside

Slim fitting and stretchy

Each nappy comes with a removable booster

Max 4 available, was £11.99 now 8.90 to clear.

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