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Terry Nappy Complete Buc-KIT

Terry Nappy Complete Buc-KIT

Price: 138.00

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A complete birth to potty traditional terry squares nappy kit, containing all you need to nappy from birth to potty, including bucket with mesh bag for ease of washing and waterproof bag for out-and-about, also liners, muslins and washable wipes.


2 x 12 60cm Bright Bots White Bots cotton terry squares

1 x 12 Muslinz 70cm quality muslin squares (white)

2 small size Nature Babies wraps & 4 one-size Nature Babies wraps (prints/colours may vary)

Pack of 3 Nappi Nippas (assorted colours/white)

Nappy bucket with lid (style/clour may vary)

Mesh bag to line bucket, and to minimise handling when putting nappies in machine

Waterproof bag for out and about

1 x 10 fleece liners

3 packs of 200 disposable nappy liners

25 terry washable wipes - use with water, wash with your nappies.

Instructions including nappy folds.

SAVING YOU OVER 25% against individual RRP.

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