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Motherease Wizard Duo MOUNTAIN Starter Kit - One Size: 1 wrap, 1 night 3 day Stay Dry Inserts

Motherease Wizard Duo MOUNTAIN Starter Kit - One Size: 1 wrap, 1 night 3 day Stay Dry Inserts



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ONE only left

The Motherease Duo system is designed to give the convenience of an All In One - in that the shaped and elasticated absorbent pads snap into the waterproof cover, but with the flexibility to simply change the insert and re-use the waterproof outer thus keeping the costs down.

As supply is unfortunately very limited due to manufacturing shortages, we have made our One Size Wizard Duo stock into suitable packs as follows:

1 x One Size duo wrap - this has the standard Motherease elasticated binding all round to provide a snug fit, popper fastening, has no leg gussets, and is adjustable in the rise via additional poppers at the sides to reduce the height of the wrap so it fits approx 10-35lb (4.5 -16kg). The inserts snap into the cover, and you can usually get 3-4 insert changes per cover. Thus our kit includes:

3 x One Size Stay Dry Day insert

1 x One Size Stay Dry Night Insert (has green binding)

The Stay Dry Inserts are made from Mother-ease's technical fabric, which is polyester and designed to wick moisture away keep baby feeling dry and to cool baby at the same time. The inner core is 100% polyester giving good absorbency and quick drying time.. The Stay Dry Day insert is designed to conatian up to 15oz (425ml). The Night insert is thicker and is designed to contain up to 17oz (500ml) of absorbency, All the inserts have good elasticated binding around the edges so the inner insert will sit snugly on baby's leg providing good containment yet expand to fit from 10-35lb approx.

Wizard Duo Starter Kit One Size: 1 x One Size Duo outer wrap, 3 One Size Stay Dry Day Duo inserts, 1 x One Size Night Stay Dry Duo Insert.

Please note:

We have very minimal stock left!

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