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Mother-ease Wizard Uno Newborn StayDry

Mother-ease Wizard Uno Newborn StayDry




Mother-ease Wizard Uno

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MAY 2020 : Next delivery due not before EARLY JUNE 2020

This is the perfect all in one starter nappy for a newborn. Firstly it is great on containment. The absobent inner is attached front and back to the waterproof outer, but round the legs it has its own elastication - meaning theabsorbent part of the nappy stays snuggly fitting round the legs, keeping it all in, with the outer separate preventing wicking. The soft PUL waterproof outer has its own elastication around the waist both front and back, as well as being cut wider (as would a separate nappy wrap), so the outer sits comfortably and snugly beyond the absorbent inner, meaning that unlike the vast majority of All in Ones it has a double barrier at the legs, and combined with soft elastication both at the front and back to prevent escapes. This is why it is great on containment.

Secondly the stay dry inner, made from a technical fabric designed by Motherease for it's great wickability to remove moisture from the surface of the nappy quickly, means your baby stays feeling dry.

Finally the design of the nappy means it's easy to wash for maximum cleanliness - the inner is only attached at the front and back, so you can be sure it washes through thoroughly. It also dries pretty quickly due to the design of the waterproof outer not being stitched to the absorbent inner along the sides it allows airflow between the two for quicker drying.

Fits from approx 6-12lb Limited stock

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