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Minki: Slinki Minki and Standard Minki

These pocket nappies come in two versions and a variety of fabric and sizes as an emoty shell (inserts availabe separately). To avoid confusion we have highlighted the main features of the two styles below:

Standard Minki
  • High in the rise, fitting high up on the waist
  • Generously cut at the waist with overlapping waist tabs
  • Wide cut over the hips to accomodate generous stuffing
  • Styling allows generous padding for overnight use and heavy wetters

  • Slinki Minki
  • Shorter in the rise to give a trimmer fit
  • Tabs meet but no overlap of Aplix, meaning less bulky round waist
  • Trimmer cut over hips to give less bulk
  • Good for when a trimmer look is needed, also reduces bulk for slimmer babies.
  • Newborn size available for tiny babies
  • Sizes available, weight guide

    Newborn (Slinki Minki only) to fit 5-10lb (2.3-4.5kg) 9.99
    Small to fit 9-15lb (4-7kg) 9.99
    Medium to fit 14-20lb (6-9kg) 10.99
    Large to fit 18-38lb max (8-17kg max) 11.99
    XL to fit 35lb+ (16kg+) 13.99

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