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Minkis: Standard Minkis

Minkis: Standard Minkis

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Standard Minki

Size and colour


REDUCED to CLEAR - Limited stock left!!!

Minkis are a pocket nappy system with a polyester fleece or polyvelvet outer with polyurethane laminate waterproofing layer inside, and an inner fleece layer inside of that with the back of the fleece layer unattached making the pouch or pocket. The inner pocket may be stuffed with a hemp or micro insert, terry square or a prefold. The Large size will accomodate a 60cm square terry. However stuffing this pocketed nappy can be fiddly as the back pouch opening can be a tight fit for larger hands. Fastens with Aplix brand hook and loop fastening

May be washed at 40 or 60 and as they have no absorbency they will line or hang dry extremely quickly, although they could be tumble dried on low. We recommend doing up the Aplix and turning inside out for washing to avoid the Aplix hook and loop fastening from picking up fluff and sticking to other washing and also to help prevent the fleece outer from bobbling (the poly velvet isn't so prone to bobbling)

Made in Scotland in the Outer Hebrides, the Standard Minki pouched nappies covers are available in a variety of fabric and four sizes. Insert not included.

Sizes available, weight guide

Small to fit 9-15lb (4-7kg) 9.99
Medium to fit 14-20lb (6-9kg) 10.99
Large to fit 18-38lb max (8-17kg max) 11.99
XL to fit 35lb+ (16kg+) 13.99

We have several prints available in stock (pictured) from top Purple/blue polyvelvet Mint/blue polyvelvet (polyvelvet is just that, a luxurious short pile soft polyester velvet in lovely shades - we couldn't resist!), Purple stars polyester fleece outer or Yellow stars polyester fleece outer

If stock is sold out, a 'sorry not available' message will appear, please re-select a different colourway

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