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Litewrap Medium White

Litewrap Medium White



Key Features:

  • Breathable wrap
  • Soft polyester knit with polyurethane laminate inner.
  • Available in white or choice of print.
  • Wash at 40 recommended.
  • Very adjustable TouchMate non scratch Velcro plus snigle popper
  • Fits chunky babies especially well, a good fit for most babies
  • Suitable for prefolds, terries and shaped nappies.

Made in Hong Kong from a quality and hard wearing breathable polyurethane laminated polyester, this wrap is generously cut to fit not only over prefolds, but also has the height to fit well over shaped nappies. With a generous leg gusset, this wrap proves a good fit on most shapes of baby. It fastens with a deep panel of non-scratch hook and loop fastening, allowing good adjustability, there is also one popper fastening above the leg for additional security and to prevent the edge of the wrap curling up and rubbing chubby legs. Unlike many wraps, this one has a fold back tab to secure the hook and loop fastening on for washing to prevent it snagging on other washing. The hook and loop fastening is of the non-abrasive Ultra-Mate brand, which has shorter hooks of a special design that give good adhesion but without the scratchiness and fluff collecting ability commonly associated with hook and loop closures.

Available in white.

Wash at 40, hang to dry or can be tumble dried on low heat. However this wrap seems quite robust and I have had several customers report it washes fine at 60.

Sizing is approximate, you'll probably find will fit for 3-4lb more than the manufacturers recommended weight especially if using over prefolds.

Medium 6-12 months 15-20lb WHITE. Max 5 left.

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