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Imse New Soft Wrap

Imse New Soft Wrap

Price: 11.99

Soft Wrap


Aplix, Velcro, and Hook and Loop Fastening Wraps

New improved design

Key Features:

  • Breathable wrap
  • Very soft and supple polyester knit polyurethane laminate.
  • Available in White, Zoo, Woodland, Circus or Snowland prints
  • Sized for the very best and trimmest fit
  • Wash at 40 or 60..
  • Very adjustable hook and loop fastening panel and good styling suits most shapes of babies as well as most nappies too.
  • Suitable for prefolds, terries and shaped nappies, this wrap is a good fit and covers virtually every nappy type well.

The design of the Soft wrap has been subtly improved to provide the very best and trimmest fit, with a deep hook and loop fastening panel at the front to accommodate a generous size adjustment. Beautifully tailored, this wrap has deep leg gussets to give a great fit between the legs, and provides an excellent fit for containment as well as lack of bulk. This wrap is engineered to fit over pretty much every nappy type from terry squares to fitted nappies.

The polyester with polyurethane laminate wrap is of the very highest quality - extremely soft and flexible.

Machine washable up to 60°, these wraps are made to last.

Available in sizes Preemie 6-13lb (2.5.5kg), Small 9-17lb (4-8kg), Medium 17-24lb (8-11kg), Large 24-35lb (11-16kg). As the loop panel on the front of the wrap is very large and deep, this does allow considerable adjustment, and, depending on baby's shape and wideness of leg, these wraps can usually fit a pound or two either side of the recommended weights.

This wrap is available in White, Zoo, Snowland, Circus, Woodland prints

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