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Bamboozle Stretch by Tots Bots

Bamboozle Stretch by Tots Bots

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Bamboozle Stretch Natural


Tots Bots

Natural and Stripey Bamboozles, with colour match hook and loop fastening (click picture for more detail), and also Size 3 to fit 35lb + (natural only)

Bamboozle Stretch has won the Mother and Baby Gold award for reusable nappies for 4 years

Tots Bots Bamboozle stretchies nappy, with stretchy short loop pile bamboo to give an even better fit, with a popper on bamboo booster and a hidden microfibre core to improve drying time, hook and loop fastening.

The Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch are made of a luxurious supersoft 80% Viscose Bamboo, 20% Polyester stretchy knitted short loop pile terry to give a better fit over a wide size range. It has good elastication at the waist and legs to provide excellent fit and containment. Stretchies fasten with Aplix hook and loop fastenng only, with overlapping tabs at the waist to fit the slimmest babies, and popper height adjustments on the front giving a wide range of adjustment to fit all shapes of baby well.

There is a hidden core of 100% Polyester microfibre, to give good absorbency and reduce drying time, plus it can be squished nicely within a wrap without too much bulk for a smaller baby. With poppers on the front to reduce the height, the size 1 with the popper-in booster removed can fit a low birth weight or twins quite comfortably from about 5-6lb(3kg) without being too bulky, and will fit to around 18lb(8.1kg) adding in the booster for extra absorbency as required, or alternatively the size 2 is ideal as a birth to potty as it can be reduced to fit from about 9lb(4kg) with the booster removed, yet will stretch over a wide weight rangeto fit to over 35lb(16kg) and may fit some slimmer babies up to about 40lb(18kg), so are an ideal candidate for night time nappies for those out of nappies by day. The Size 3, available in Natural only fits from 35lb (16kg+) and is ideal for late potty trainers or for prolonged wear for an older child.

Overall, it's a nicely absorbent nappy and ideal as a birth to potty nappy with its flexibility of fit.

Wash at 40 or 60°C, line dry or cool tumble dry. Please note for the red Bambozzle you will need to wash this seperately or with like colours for at least three washes.

Do not use bleach, harsh stain removers, sodium bicarbonate or vinegar with bamboo products.

Drying times - Average 12 -18 hours overnight in warm airing cupboard.

Suggested wraps include Tots Bots wraps, Motherease Rikki Aplix fastening wraps, or Nature Babies or AirFlow popper fastening wraps.

Size 1 fits 5-18lbs(3-8.1kg) approx, £11.99 each in Natural, Stripes + £1

Size 2 fits 9-35lbs+ (4-16kg+) approx, £12.99 each in Natural, Stripes +£1

Size 3 fits 35lb+ Natural only, £14.99

Complete Birth to Potty Kit 20 Bamboozles size 2 + 4 size 1 Flexiwraps + 4 size 2 Flexiwraps + 1 roll liners rrp £295 our price £275

We are sorry we can only ship Tots Bots within UK and Ireland. Please do not order if you are not in UK/Ireland.

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