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Applecheeks Washable Nappy Envelope Cover with Bamboo Cotton Insert

Applecheeks Washable Nappy Envelope Cover with Bamboo Cotton Insert


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Nappy shell system with pocket for stuffing. In two sizes, designed to fit from 7lb -40lb, the inserts can either be laid loose in the shell (or wrapped around baby and the outer used as a wrap to secure - great in the smaller size for a newborn, as you can change just the inserts to save washing the outer every time when baby is newborn), or alternatively inserted in the pocket.

A fabulous nappy system for lower birthweights, or for bigger toddlers, as the 2 sizes cover a wider range than most pockets, so you have the advantage of less bulky and neat fitting size 1 for a newborn and roomy size 2 for a chunkier toddler

The pocket opening is generous for ease of use.

Extra inserts available for nighttime/heavy wetters

Good elastic for excellent containment and fit, this nappy works well with newborns and isn't bulky.

Snap fastening.

1 Washable Envelope cover + 1 Bamboo Rayon/Cotton Insert. Available in size 1 fits from 7-20lbs or size 2 fits from 18-40lbs. Choice of colours and prints.

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