Do be careful what you put on baby’s bottom!

Recently launched in America, the new Pampers Dry Max is causing a few problems with nappy rash according to Reuters, a Facebook group and some on-line blogs such as this one: Dirty Diaper Laundry.

This actually reminded me of a time about 10 years ago when Pampers brought out a ‘New Improved’ Pampers.  Suddenly we had a lot of parents whose babies were inflicted with nappy rash which appered to be caused by the new nappies.  After many complaints, Pampers launched their ‘sensitive’ range with less chemicals in. One of my converts to cloth at the time (due to the nappy rash her son was experiencing) was convinced the ‘Sensitive’ range were actually the old style Pampers re-packaged in ‘Senstitive’ outer wrappers and sold at 25% more, because they looked, felt, and smelt the same as her old Pampers.

At the time I was trying to establish exactly what was in disposable nappies, and had written to main manufacturers asking exactly what chemicals were present in the surface of the nappies.  Naturally this is a trade secret they will not divulge.  (I wonder why?).  I was sent information about the products of they type to entice me to buy, but not answering my questions.  I wrote again, and this time I had a phone response from one of the big two.  It was most interesting. I had my bank manger at the house at the time, so let the message run to the answer machine, he too was amazed at the message left, asking me to ring them back ‘so we can let you know what we are able to tell you’    Which actually was nothing, it seems to be a trade secret, and no parent is allowed to know exactly what chemicals are present in a disposable next to their baby’s skin.  I am curious as to why there are no regulations about this, and how are they tested for safety?  All skin care, bath products and so on that are used on your baby have to, by law, list in full the ingredients present.  Why not in nappies, which surely are not dis-similar to a preparation placed on your baby’s skin as they’re on for usually a good 3-4 hour stretch or even overnight?

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