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Twinkle Terries

Twinkle Terries


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Terries and Muslins

Made in the UK from a top quality white 100% cotton loop pile terry towelling (the backing has a small amount of other fibres for strength and to prevent the loop pile pulling through when you fasten it with a Nappi Nippa), of luxury weight 450g per sq metre, this nappy has supersoft cotton binding, is thick and very absorbent and holds its shape well.

Available in white only in a variety of sizes. The cotton is scoured and prewashed so shrinkage is minimal. These terries are pretty enough to be used as towels.

16"/40cm Tiny Terries are most suitable for pad folding for small newborns ideal for twins and premature babies, or as pocket nappy stuffing for eg FuzziBunz etc, or as a booster inside another nappy for heavier wetting older babies especially for night time.

20"/50cm Small Terries are also suitable for pad folding for use in a wrap or in any pocket nappy, but may be traditionally folded for a smaller baby, making them less bulky than the most popular sized Regular Terries which are often traditionally folded as well as pad folded. This size is good from birth to around a year old, as it's less bulky on a small baby than the traditionally sized 60cm terries.

24"/60cm Regular Terries are the most popular size, and are usually used for traditionally folding - we have full instructions in our How to Nappy booklet (downloadable on the right ---->) May also be used pad folded too, and may be used for stuffing toddler and night time pocket nappies such as the Minki Yoyo

30"/75cm Toddler Terries, suitable for larger toddlers and heavier wetters. Terries traditionally were, I'm told, 27" square. Most of the modern manufacturers now produce terries that are just or 60cm 24" square, which whilst fine for smaller babies won't necessarily fit larger babies and toddlers if you wish to fold traditionally. After much searching, I have found these lovely 27 and 30 inch square nappies which are just right for folding, but are also nice enough to use as towels. Be warned - the 30 inch are very big, and I'd suggest for use with 4-5 years plus! - not suitable for pocket nappy stuffing.

Folding instructions with every purchase.

Wash at 40ºC, 60ºC or 95ºC, and tumble dry on cool or hot.

A WRAP will be required. Suggested wraps include Prorap, Bummis, Rikki for pad folding; Motherease Rikki, Nature Babies, Imse soft wrap wrap for traditional folding for a small baby using a close fitting hook and loop fastening wrap to secure or if pinning or using Nappy Nippas, any looser fitting wraps such as Pull On Pants, or Air Flow wrap

Please note imperial/metric sizing is approximate due to manufacturing process and also the fact that the metric/imperial equivalents stated are only approximately the same!

Prices:40cm 2.00, 50cm 2.95, 60cm 3.95, 70cm 4.95, 75cm 5.95

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